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Bag Sizing

Gift Me Again reusable fabric gift bags come in  five convenient sizes.

Find the best size eco bag for your next gift below.

Small vs medium gift bag

Small vs medium gift bag

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Small vs Medium gift bag

Medium vs large gift bag


Functional size of bag 20 x 21 cm

Perfect for;

-a small novel

-a box of chocolates

- a packet of loose leaf tea

- a small box of Lego



Functional size of bag 24 x 28 cm

Perfect for;

- a book up to A4 size


Functional size of bag 36 x 38 cm

Perfect for;

- a shoe box

- games and puzzles

- larger bulky or odd shaped items.


Extra large gift sack

Functional size (from neck to base):

50 x 56cm. 

These extra large gift sacks are similar to standard pillow case size. 

Best for multiple gifts or larger presents, this extra large style gift bag will save you on single use wrapping paper for years.

Bottle bag

Functional size of bag 16 x 28 cm

Perfect for bottle up to 30cm in height.

Think anything made from red, white grapes or juniper berries.

These gift bags have been tested for the fattest sparkling bottles.


Still need help with sizing? Feel free to drop us a line via email or our socials. 

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